Employees Are Seeking Better Opportunities Everywhere

"In 2021, a record 47 million Americans quit their jobs. It's called "The Great Resignation" and it has left companies scrambling to recruit new personnel and desperate to retain their existing employees.

It may not be surprising that organizations with highly engaged employees rank high in customer satisfaction. A genuinely enthusiastic and helpful employee gives customers a wonderful experience.

What may surprise you is that, according to Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees generate 23% higher profits, enjoy 18% higher productivity, and have 64% fewer safety incidents.

Voluntary turnover costs U.S. companies over $1 trillion each year. Replacing an individual employee can run from half to twice their annual salary. Companies with highly engaged employees realize up to 43% less turnover than their peers.

These companies also have 41% fewer quality defects and 81% less absenteeism. Recognition creates engagement. Engagement cuts costs.

Publicly recognizing an employee reinforces the company values by telling success stories and demonstrating those values to others. An effective employee recognition program improves managers by showing them how to engage their staff through planned recognition. It even helps identify up-and-coming leaders.

Learn how we can help your organization reduce your employee turnover with rewards and recognition programs to engage workers and build a stronger sense of loyalty to the organization. Now, more than ever, organizations are looking at how to inspire and connect with their workforce.

We will show you how we can help cut down on employee resignation, increase employee retention and loyalty and how we can build an engaged workforce.

To learn more about how we can help you cut down on employee turnover and reduce hiring costs please email us at David@FiredUpPromos.com

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